A Special Mother’s Day Message from Gov. Bruce Rauner

 Photo: Archdiocese of Chicago/Facebook

As we look forward to celebrating another joyful Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the incredible, hard-working moms here in Illinois, and also reflect back on the impactful mothers I have been blessed to know throughout my own life.

Mothers are the core of our families and leaders in our quality of life. They bring joy, instill hard work and set the foundation for our children’s growth. Moms teach children how to love, and how to push through life’s challenges.  

From my remarkable wife Diana, to my hard-working mother Ann, to now my own eldest daughter, these astounding mothers have inspired me, pushed me, and exemplified what it means to be dedicated, both as the head of the family and when working toward achieving your dreams.

When I think of Mother’s Day today, I think of the traditions my family has created while celebrating Diana, an extraordinary mother who is loving, supportive, and incredibly involved in all aspects of our children’s lives. It fills me with absolute joy to think back on all the Mother’s Days when the kids and I would sneak out of bed early to make breakfast together and create handmade cards filled with expressions of our love for Diana before surprising her in bed. Memories of laughter, family togetherness and celebration of this wonderful woman are among those I cherish most, and they illustrate life’s most meaningful, qualitative moments.

Diana has always been an inspiration to me, not only as a dedicated and loving mother who set high standards and expectations for our children to succeed, but as a strong woman who both worked full-time as a parent, and has also achieved greatness through a full-time work agenda outside the home.

She is a caring person who has committed her life to the betterment of children and families personally and professionally, helping tens of thousands of families across the country through her leadership with the Ounce of Prevention Fund, Illinois Family Connects home visiting program, and more. On many levels, Diana is an incredible mother and person.

Recently she has been staying with our eldest daughter, who gave birth to our first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl, on April 4. It has been a wonderful experience to see these three generations of amazing women bond in such a special way.

When I think about Mother’s Day, I also remember the way my own mom was always there for me growing up. Whether I needed help at school, emotional support, or became injured, she showed me an unwavering commitment to making sure I was happy, safe and motivated.

A dairy farm girl who became a nurse, my mother was a true inspiration in my life who taught me the importance of dedication and hard work, being committed to a career, striving for excellence, the value of professionalism, pursuing education and having a passion for supporting the family.

Though a strict disciplinarian, my mother was also very loving and very nurturing of me and my brothers and my sister. Be it with tough love or through her caring nature, we always felt loved and nurtured. Her high hopes and expectations for her children have served as significant inspiration throughout my life.

What she, Diana, and soon, my daughter, contribute to our family is what life is all about; it’s something so special and so important it can only be found in a mother’s love.

So to all the mothers, I sincerely and wholeheartedly want to say thank you and God bless you. You are what makes life great, and you are loved, cherished and revered by us all.

Jennifer Maine