Democrats for Rauner


With deepening divisions among political party lines, it’s rare for politicians to compromise—and this can make effective cooperation impossible. As women from all walks of life, we must support candidates who represent more than one type of voter, and who are willing to work together for the future of our state.

Governor Bruce Rauner has fought for Illinoisans on both sides of the political aisle—from preventing tax hikes to combating corruption through term limits, Rauner has demonstrated his commitment to the people. However, candidate J.B. Pritzker is more concerned with personal power than supporting hardworking Illinoisans.

Now, even lifelong Democrats are siding with Rauner.

Women Working for Change interviewed Anne Wedner, a staunch Democrat who supports Rauner for re-election. Wedner recognizes the positive changes Rauner has affected in our state, and she appreciates how Rauner considers the needs and concerns of all Illinoisans—not just Republicans.

Read on to learn why she feels Illinois’s future is safest with Rauner.

WW4C: Why did you start Kent Road Strategies?

Wedner: I have worked in politics for years, and I was anguished by the entire process of the 2016 election. Others have said this, but we are clearly a polarized nation. Polarized nations can’t solve their problems. I wanted to better understand the issues affecting our country and to help our leaders understand it in a more profound and immediate sense. I didn’t really care who would listen to me—I just wanted to find folks who wanted to solve problems, not exploit them. My first project was “America of My Dreams,” but soon, I found that the Rauner campaign was interested in diverse points of view.

WW4C: What persuaded you to support Governor Rauner?

Wedner: I was thrilled to have the chance to work for the Governor’s campaign. While my values are categorized as Democratic Party in nature, I don’t believe that any party has a monopoly on all solutions. Rauner was committed to serving all residents of Illinois, and he was committed to solving problems. We have a lot of problems. Despite and even because of the “R” by his name, I wanted to throw my ideas into the mix.

WW4C: What issues are important to you in this Governor's race?

Wedner: The most important issue in our state is reform. The negative side of this is corruption. Let’s face it, Illinois is one of the most corrupt states at this point. It is a shock to me, but it is the obvious conclusion of the state being dominated by a single party and a single person for 4 decades. No polity can survive with such concentration of power. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

WW4C: How do you navigate being vocal about your support for Governor Rauner with your friends and network?

Wedner: In truth, my friends love my honesty; they want to hear my opinions, and—frankly—privately most of them agree with me. They may not feel they can be so audacious in the political persona—and there is no reason for them to be that way. Normal people want solutions. I am a normal person, and so are they.

WW4C: What is it specifically about Governor Rauner that got your support?

Wedner: There are two qualities I admire most about the Governor. First, I admire his courage to stand up against corruption even at great personal cost; we need more politicians like this of any party. And, second, I appreciate the respect he shows for women. In signing HB40 he demonstrated a rare kind of political courage—and he reaffirmed his own deeply-held belief that women can think for themselves and that our bodies are not objects to be controlled by the state.

WW4C: Why are you not supporting J.B. Pritzker in the Illinois Governor's race?

Wedner: J.B. had plenty of potential in a theoretical sense. He is so wealthy he did not need to be beholden to anyone or any system. However, J.B. was perhaps insecure—and he threw his lot in with the Madigan machine to be sure that he won. It’s a loss for him, and it’s a loss for Illinois.


Jennifer Maine