Make Your Voice Heard: Vote in the Illinois Primary

 Photo: Archdiocese of Chicago/Facebook

The first major step in determining the future of Illinois comes March 20, when Illinois residents will decide who has a shot at leading our state — and who doesn’t — come fall.

From finding your polling place, to voting early, here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re on track:

  • Are you registered? Illinois residents 17 and older who are U.S. citizens can vote in the primary election on March 20 (but must be 18 to vote in the general election). In order to vote in your precinct, you need to have lived there at least 30 days prior. Check your eligibility and register to vote here here.

  • Who Is On The Ballot? This is a critical election year for Illinois, with important leadership on the line. From governor to state representatives, judges and more, dive into this list of candidates.

  • Where Do I Vote? Depending on where you live, each Illinois resident has a polling place. See where your designated polling place is here, then head there on election day to cast your vote.

  • Can I Vote Early? Heading out of town? The official day of the Illinois Primary is March 20, however, residents are able to vote before then. Get a list of early voting times, dates and locations here.

  • What Kind Of Identification Do I Need To Vote? If you register in person at your precinct, you’ll need two forms of ID. Driver’s license, state ID cards, passports, social security cards, school or work IDs, bank statements, school report cards, and medical, utility or insurance bills are all accepted as forms of ID.

  • What If I’m In The Military Or Need To Vote By Mail Overseas? If you’re an active member of the U.S. military (or family member) living outside of the country, or are a U.S. citizen living overseas, you can still vote in the Illinois General Primary election. Request your special ballots here.

  • How Can I Stay Up-To-Date? Check back here to stay on track regarding important election dates, locations and deadlines.

Join us in making sure your voice is heard by casting your vote this election.

Jennifer Maine