We are democrats, republicans, independents, doctors, teachers, moms and CEOs. 

We joined together on the core principle that if we listen to each other and elevate the conversation above the constant political fighting we can reach real solutions to the problems we face in our state.

The current political environment has many of us reconnecting to our personal values and principles, rather than to political parties. This has offered us an incredible opportunity to drop our defenses and come together to focus on our state’s biggest obstacles.

We can move forward from the bickering, and on as a united force to important issues stifling our state.  


How do we?

  • Cleanse our state of the corruption we’ve endured for far too long?
  • Ensure that Illinois is a state that attracts business and breeds talent?
  • Revitalize our commitment to technology and education to ensure we are a state that breeds jobs for our residents?
  • Ensure sexual harassment of any sort is stomped out in public and private sectors?
  • Sensibly balance power between companies and their employees for a better and stronger workforce?
  • Bring property tax relief to families across the state?

We believe that the path to dismantling the deep corruption in our state and to a prosperous future is through our support for Governor Bruce Rauner.  

He has proven to us that he will boldly stand up for what is right, and we have determined he is our best weapon in our fight for change.